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New Zealand Winegrowers

Rippon "Rippon" Mature Vine Pinot Noir 2015

New Zealand, Central Otago
Pinot Noir
Rippon "Rippon"  Mature Vine Riesling 2019
Tongue in Groove Riesling 2015
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Chris Stroud
New Zealand Winegrowers


Sarah Shephard
New Zealand Winegrowers


Rippon is a farm in Wānaka, Central Otago, that has been cared for by successive generations of one family.

Its fruit was hand harvested from mature, biodynamically grown vines, naturally fermented, cellared in barrel for two winters and then run directly into bottle without filtering or fining.

Further cellaring at a cool, constant temperature and decanting is recommended.



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Nick Mills


Rippon is a single farm located on the shores of Lake Wanaka, Central Otago and is home to some of the region's oldest commercial vines. Central Otago is the only continental climate in New Zealand viticulture with high ultra violet light, long sunshine hours and highly refractive soils.

Rippon’s vines are planted in two main zones of differing soil types, both inherent to the way each wine tastes and feels. These two soil types are both borne of decomposing schist rock, but have arrived on the site by different means and at different times. A thin layer (5-15cms) of wind blown loess covers the property.

The Lakeside: A relatively new ejection cone of gravel debris from “waterfall creek”, the stream that cascades down Mt Roy, the 1800 metre peak beside us. This has formed many complex layers of Schist gravels and singles of varying grades (coarseness).

The Hillside: Terminal Moraine deposits of the last glacial advance. Fine deposits of glacial meal are mixed with more coarse material and large blocks of schist rock to form a 50 metre high slope.

Rippon is farmed according to biodynamic principles with 80% of the vineyard planted on its own roots (ungrafted). Biodynamic practises and no irrigation help the vine drive energy into its seed and issue raw material that is capable of fostering wines that are true to their place

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