London Wine Fair 2023London Wine Fair 2023
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London Wine Fair 2023London Wine Fair 2023
Region of Attica

Region of Attica

Greece, Athens
JSC Tbilvino
Region of Central Macedonia
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The vineyard of Attica is one of the most important vineyards in Greece and wine is the most traditional product of the land of Attica. Nowadays, the total area of Attic vineyard reaches 16.061 acres. In this vineyard the white varieties are obviously dominant. The viticulturists’ preference for the Greek varieties of Savvatiano and Roditis which thrive in Attica’s environment and are grown today in about 90% of the vineyard played a significant role in this. However, red varieties are also produced with remarkable success, creating some of the finest red wines.


Attica presents Gastronomy Tourism



Andrea Syngrou Avenue 80-88, 11741 Athens, Greece
+30 21 3206 5771
London Wine Fair 2023London Wine Fair 2023
London Wine Fair 2023
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